Potential: Revealed

Strategic Thinking, Innovative Ideas, Growth Marketing, and Revealing of Potential

Latente Group

Latente is a consulting firm. We are focused on helping our clients reveal their true potential. Along with a network of equally seasoned, collaborative and clear-thinking associates we can bring out the insights your business needs to grow and thrive.

Latente’s primary focus is guiding clients in their discovery of unrecognized growth opportunities: market and innovation strategy to find new growth paths, or marketing strategy and execution for reigniting growth and unlocking latent value in an established business.

We have experience across industries, functions, and geographies. We have experience seeing ideas through to fruition. We bring that experience and an understanding that what our clients are trying to do is not easy. We speak our clients’ language. We’ve lived where they live. We work hard to understand their business and tailor our work to suit their unique needs and opportunities.

We do this following these core principles:

Follow the top management approach
We find and solve the most critical and challenging problems.

Bring innovations in management thinking
We always deliver keen insights gained from our work with a variety of interesting clients.

Transfer knowledge so our clients can sustain improvements
We are collaborators. We want and need full client participation from beginning to end.

Relationships based on trust
Trust can only be earned. We do this through our consistent, high-value client service, our
professional conduct, and our personal commitments.

Examples of our work

Product strategy and go-to-market program management for a new, information-based service. The client, the largest provider of information technology to banks and credit unions in the U.S., needed to reinvent a legacy business unit that was in decline. Through competitive analysis and client interviews we identified gaps in the market and developed a new offering that combined a low-cost subscription model, provided as a cloud-based data warehouse service, to deliver a ready-to-use set of dashboards and analytical tools  that clients could begin using in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Marketing strategy, business development and advisory board member to start-up electronic payments company.

Expertise and advisory to privatre equity and market research clients on companies and industries in payments, financial e-commerce, and financial services technology.

Leading development of a Client Insights strategy for the Commercial LOB of a Top 10 U.S. financial institution. Strategy includes:
– improved client insights through development of an actionable segmentation framework
– creation of a disciplined approach that rationalizes duplicate and disjointed efforts and institutes a singular owner and operating model for Client Insights
– identifies prioritized investments and time-phased plan for creating strategic differentation through analytics and insights

Advising start-up information services firm:
– development of business model and go to market framework
– conducting voice of the customer assessments
– devising roadmap and plan for focusing on and resolving top priority issues, creating launch momentum for the business concept

Chief marketing officer services for emerging SaaS BI firm:
– developing a clear vision to guide target market growth
– defining and deploying a customer acquisition strategy to find, qualify and close customer opportunities
– creating a roadmap to focus scarce product and marketing investments dollars

If you’d like to contact us, we’d love to learn about your business, earn your trust and collaborate with you to discover the potential in your business that is present … just not yet realized.

Email: randy@latentegroup.com
Mobile: 678.777.7530


  Almomopoollok wrote @

It looks like you are a real expert. Did ya study about the matter? hrhr

  Randy wrote @

depends upon what “matter” you mean, but I’d say my best education has been on the job and learning by doing. R

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