Potential: Revealed

Strategic Thinking, Innovative Ideas, Growth Marketing, and Revealing of Potential


This blog is maintained by Randy Pilkenton. I’m a strategic thinker, Idea lover, Big M Marketeer, and Believer in Potential (of all kinds including human, economic and spiritual).


My experience and vocation revolve around looking at challenges as opportunities to find potential and unlock it. You might call this “latent demand fulfillment”.


The definition of latent is “present potential not evident or revealed.” Hence the name Latente for my business, blog and philosophy (Latente is derived from Latin and later Spanish).


My initial source for content is my 20+ years of experience in Strategy, Product Management and Marketing, and working with firms as a consultant and also as a senior management executive.


Perhaps most proudly, I’ve also worked for more than a decade as a Discovery Program volunteer, tutoring and mentoring elementary age children in South Fulton area of Atlanta. You can learn — and experience first hand — the power and satisfaction of “revealing potential” through the privilege of working with these kids.


I hope this gives me a small license to blog on these and other topics from time to time.


Are you Left or Right Brained?  Find out!

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