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Happy Customer

Here’s a two-fer: a customer of mine gaining new, happy customers. Making my customer, of course, happy too! See the customer reviews on Salesforce.com’s Appexchange (like on the “Review” tab). DecipherTech is a provider of sales analytics solutions, offering a truly innovative “cloud computing” datawarehouse application, delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS)model. DecipherTech really applied the approaches I’ve been writing about (hopefully not too preach-ingly) over the past year about being practical with your strategy (so you can understand it and act quickly), defining your target market clearly (so you know where you want to go), and having focus and discipline in your marketing execution.

An interesting aspect of their business is offering their SaaS solution on Salesforce.com’s Appexchange. It gives access to literally millions of potential customers but also requires that customers can write reviews of your product for all to see — similar to the consumer world of eBay and Amazon, but relatively new and possibly intimidating, in the B2B world.

But if you are executing your strategy and business plans with confidence – you’ve got nothing to fear!