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Recently I read an excellent blog by author Neil Steinberg called Pursuing Perfection which got me thinking about this concept (yes, concept) called perfection.

Neil gives examples of where “the perfect is not always so perfect”, such as Michael Jordan failing in the final seconds of a 1995 NBA playoff game, or a sphere of pure silicon created during a space flight that upon minutely close inspection has tiny (i.e., 35 nanometer) fluctuations. Small imperfection, yes. Imperceptible to the human eye. But a flaw nonetheless.

In addition he notes that handing out of a judgment that perfection has been attained – for example gymnast Nadia Comaneci earning the first 10’s in Olympic gymnastics history in 1976 – can be momentarily satisfying but fleetingly so. Since that day in 1976, scores of 10 are both more commonplace and questionably the mark of gymnastic perfection.

So, as I like to think about, write about, consult about “revealing and attaining your potential”, I wonder if perfection is the destination, or the journey? In light of the thought that arriving at perfection somehow then ruins it, I’m inclined to choose the journey.


  marketingagent99 wrote @

Interesting post. I recall the Olympics and the 10s for Nadia and hadn’t thought about fact that you see 10s all the time now. Like many things such as grade inflation, SAT score inflation, many sports statistics over time they have made the old benchmarks irrelevant and truly great performance harder to discern. I would put some of this off to our impatience as a society. We don’t want to wait for perfection to come along, to earn it, or to be denied it if we are not deserving. We want it now – NOW! Journeys, alas, strike us as taking just too darned long.

  DiodaBiom wrote @

I agreed with you

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