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And in the end…

Perhaps fitting (or just cheeky?) this blog will start by stealing from one of the best. In this case, The Beatles. On their last recorded album, “Abbey Road”, they were famous for naming the supposed ending tune “The End”. Yet they rewarded those that were patient and persistent with a gem (14 seconds) after “The End” called “Her Majesty”. I loved it when I first heard it (thanks Big Sis’ who gave me the original issue 33rpm), and still love it today.

For some reason I have always been a fan of surprises. As a child, I actually liked waiting until Christmas morning to find out what presents were there for me under the tree. Later in life, I have found pleasure in the word “latent” which is defined as “present potential not yet realized or revealed”. Sort of like a surprise of a different but related sort. Looking back at personal and business experiences that I’ve enjoyed and been fortunate to be a part of, many have some aspect of latency. Whether they were reinvigorating a tired product line with a great and loyal customer base, or finding hidden value in data that is the artifact of a core business process, or on a more personal note volunteering as a elementary school tutor and helping kids see possibilities in themselves that were always there, but just not able to shine through as brightly as they could.

So, this is not actually the end but the beginning of hopefully an interesting experience sharing ideas, insights, and thoughts on the subject of “revealing potential”.


  marketingagent99 wrote @

Quirky first post but not bad. keep trying and you’ll perhaps reach YOUR potential 🙂

Latent demand is a tricky subject and may be worthy of tackling. My experience tells me that what is latent to some is just poor marketing reach to the rest. But anything that corrects for poor marketing or latent demand or any other defect in marketing is good enough for me!


  potentialrevealed wrote @

Thanks for the comment. Sort of like your “first dollar” that you’d hang on your wall behind the cash register (if I had one, of course). This being the blogosphere, we’ll just have to imagine I did that to honor your being first …

It is a good insight that latency can be simply poor something (marketing, education, observation skills). I guess it is the removal of whatever is blocking the revealed potential that I’m after (wrapping paper, the right teacher or method, data to delve more finely into the marketing challenge).

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